the most efficient frac plug

on the market

Take a journey through the history and creation of
the Nighthawk frac plug, designed by the industry’s
original composite frac plug co-creator.


The Nighthawk is engineered with all completion processes in mind. Using proprietary winding methods and molded materials, our plugs are engineered for enduring dynamic frac pressures and well conditions while providing superior drill outs. This state-of-the-art design produces the finest cuttings that flow out of the well with ease.

Designed by industry experts

With over 80 years of combined composites experience built in, the Nighthawk frac plug utilizes cutting edge technology to supply market demand for a simplified, yet more reliable product.


Sleek and innovative design built for
robust fracking dynamics.


High performance composites selected
on ability to produce finer cuttings.


Revolutionary design at a reasonable
price – built to streamline completions.

Make the switch
to a more reliable
frac plug

Perfected and proven in the field. It’s time you put this compact, more efficient design to work for you.

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